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Max out those sales with some lazy email hacks. 
Social media's great, but if I'm being honest, email's literally the best, laziest way to make money.

For the past 10ish years in the game of slaying some copy, I've spent a shit-ton of time writing emails for myself, and for clients. 

Don't take my word for it though. Just see how much better Arne's naps got after he let me work some magic on his list:
I've learned what works, what doesn't, and am continuing to test and refine all the time as the markets grow and evolve.
And here's the thing, there's an 80/20 rule to email. 

Meaning, there are some: 

✅ quick and dirty tricks & tactics (20% of what you do) 

✅ that get incredible results (80% of what you get out of it) 

✅ without all the blood, sweat, tears, and disappointment. 

And if you're emailing your list anyway, why not get it right so you can actually be rewarded for your time?

So here's the deal: 

In the next 30 days I'm going to dramatically transform your email marketing results. 

Not only that -- but it's going to be so easy a 5 year old could do it. 

I've made you a training called Email Profits, and if you get in before the time runs out, you’ll get the fast action 
bonuses listed below in addition to the usual bonuses…

Email Profits is a 30 day training with featherweight conversion hacks, templates, and swipe files delivered straight to your inbox. 

Each training day you'll get an email that details a single principle and an action step. 

The action step is something you can do that day to get results in minutes. 
The principles, and arsenal of templates and swipe files, are things you can carry forward to the future -- which will result in the true transformational experience of the results you're getting from your email copy.

Each of these hacks are data tested & proven by me and those who came before me. 

Including (but not limited to) handing you: 

☑️ Tested plug-n-play subject line formulas and how to split test them the right way. Hint: most people split test the wrong way.

☑️ The Secret Tools of Copy Titans 

☑️ Power words & phrases you can add for maximum effect
☑️ Over 15 tested templates, frameworks and swipes to make sure you don't just know what to say, but how to say it. 

☑️ The easy buttons to objection handling 

☑️ And the Lazy Buttons to waking up, deciding you don't want to write that day, and making money from your list anyway 

☑️ As well as anatomical power tweaks you can make to existing emails. As in, move a single line, watch your results explode.

And more just with the core content. 

But there are bonuses too. 

First, there are fast-action bonuses. 

You have to get them before the timer below hits zero. 

Fast Action Bonus #1: The Engagement Blitz Welcome Sequence Template to help you make sure your list looks forward to your emails. So much, in fact, that they learn to just love your name. 

Fast Action Bonus #2: Copy Compass Training so you never have to guess on what topics to write about or how to write about them ever again. 

Fast Action Bonus #3: Speed Copy Training to help you never spend a boatload of time writing copy again. Get it done fast and know it converts. 

But that’s not all...

There are also secret bonuses that have nothing to do with email. 

Why are they secret? Because this training is gamified. You have to take action in order to receive your bonuses. 

But here's a sneak peak so you at least have an idea of how good these are: 

Bonus #1: Is the secret to mouthwatering offers. This takes your offer from something your audience scrolls by to something your audience starts begging you for with just 4 simple tweaks. 

Bonus #2: How to become one of those beastmode marketers that people just can't stop throwing their money at because the setup is just, that, good. 

Bonus #3: One simple sales page hack that I've seen lift conversion and opt-in rates by 40% or more. 

Bonus #4: Well, this one's extra secret. But it changes literally everything overnight. And it has nothing to do with email.  

The Best Part?

You get some extra special pricing if you join today. 

Normally it's $297. 

Right now you can get it for $200 off. Easy.

So, you ready to stop wasting time with email marketing & start making money from it?

Click the button below and join up.

Talk Soon, 

Tori Reid
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