If you’re selling digital products, coaching programs, or services through social media, watch the video to discover…
How We Consistently Help Our Clients Generate Multiple 6-Figures to 7-Figures On Their Offers Using Little to No Ad Spend
- And remove themselves from 80%+ of the content creation process along the way - 
Presenter: Tori Reid from Shift Copy Co.
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Uncover the Hidden Reasons Why Your Audience is Holding Back
Within 72 hours of your start date we’ll hand you your custom Copy Compass - your new secret weapon that hands you every single thing you need to say to your audience to get them to buy. 
The Compass tells us exactly what’s missing in your copy and messaging. Whether it’s objections you haven’t been handling, pain points you’ve been avoiding, or just jargon that they don’t understand about your product or service, this will help. 
Make no mistake, this process can also convert some of your lowest hanging fruit.

Master the Art of Getting Your Audience Beating Down Your Doors to Buy
When you use your new Compass, our proven frameworks & back-pocket consulting to start teasing your offer (or let us just do it for you) – instead of crickets & dust-bunnies, your audience will start begging you for details and payment options.
Why is what we do different? Because instead of relying on off-the-mark typical “nurture” messaging, we use precision Pre-Frame + Pre-Sale frameworks to ensure that your value-based content is actually guiding them to buy, versus just entertaining them without cause or direction.

Design & Optimize Cash-Generating Customer Journeys 
Most of the time & energy you think goes into converting your audience is what you're putting into second guessing yourself and switching strategies.
We help you shorten your learning curve (and sales cycle) by helping you solidify a customer journey structure that will work best for your business, whether that we give you one of our frameworks or help you tailor your new message into your existing one.
The fact of the matter is, if your message is the right message to begin with (as is determined by your Compass) we can help you plug it into any customer journey framework in a way that aligns and seamlessly walks your customer through the payment process.

 Discover What Makes Your Offer “Shiny”  
“If I could just get them to understand how much I could really help them”... we know. And we're here for you.
We have a data-backed process that makes the "they don't understand my value" problem go away once and for good. We dig into the data + your offer to uncover what will be special about you in their eyes, and inject it into the message so they know.
Skyrocket Your Conversions With Your New High-Converting Sales Letter
If everyone in your audience walked up to you holding out a piece of paper, and said, “read this back to me and I’ll buy whatever it is you’re selling,” would you do it?

We use our signature AACE Method to do exactly that. Extract what your audience needs to hear from you in order to convert, and then use that to write a high-converting sales page for you.

It's simple: appeal to the highest number of your target prospects as possible. Our data-driven sales copy is designed to predictably convert your audience by doing just that.
Troubleshoot Quickly w/ Support From Pro's who've "Seen it all"
9 out of 10 times we've seen whatever it is you're bumping up against. There's no guarantee in marketing. But there is a way to stack the odds in your favor - by quickly overcoming the obstacles instead of letting them stop you in your tracks. 

Any time you hit a bump in the road, just hop on the next Copy Room Inner Circle Call (which you'll get free access to) and we'll help you out.
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